Holy Crap … Life-Sized Crokinole Is A Thing

Like a moose or maple syrup, it doesn’t get much more Canadian than the pastimes of crokinole and curling.

Unlike the former, a blend of the latter looks like the greatest thing out of Canada since The Great One.

Up in Winnipeg, a group called Public City Architecture is unveiling a game called “crokicurl” this weekend. The game is part curling and part crokinole, or basically a life-sized version of crokinole played with curling stones. That’s according to this CBC story, which was sent to me by two different people who know my love for the game of crokinole.

For my fellow Americans, crokinole is a dexterity game that enjoys immense popularity among our Canadian friends. Two players, or two teams of two, attempt to flick small wooden discs around bouncy posts and into a small hole in the middle, knocking opposing discs out of scoring range in the process. It’s incredibly fun and goes well with your favorite Canadian beer (like Ft. Garry Dark).

The “crokicurl” “board” will be set up in Winnipeg’s beautiful city center/tourist area, The Forks, and fits into the category of Things That Weren’t But Goddamn Should Have Been. From the CBC story:

This past summer, staff at Public City were playing the popular board game crokinole in their office — they have a board for when they need a distraction — and the conversation led to the idea of creating an oversized version.

That led to the idea of using curling rocks and doing it on ice, and then to research to make sure they weren’t taking someone else’s invention.

“We thought ‘For sure someone’s done this,’ but we couldn’t find it anywhere so we designed it. Then I took a drawing to The Forks and said, ‘I think you should do this.’ And they said ‘This is awesome.’